Search engine and framework

  • Apache Lucene – Search engine library.
  • Apache Solr – Search platform for Apache Lucene.
  • ElasticSearch – Search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene.
  • – Freemium robust web application for exploring, filtering, analyzing, searching and exporting massive datasets scraped from across the Web.
  • Facebook Unicorn – social graph search platform.
  • Google Caffeine – continuous indexing system.
  • Google Percolator – continuous indexing system.
  • TeraGoogle – large search index.
  • HBase Coprocessor – implementation of Percolator, part of HBase.
  • Lily HBase Indexer – quickly and easily search for any content stored in HBase.
  • LinkedIn Bobo – is a Faceted Search implementation written purely in Java, an extension to Apache Lucene.
  • LinkedIn Cleo – is a flexible software library for enabling rapid development of partial, out-of-order and real-time typeahead search.
  • LinkedIn Galene – search architecture at LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Zoie – is a realtime search/indexing system written in Java.
  • Sphinx Search Server – fulltext search engine.

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